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Faster whisper


Requires the audio-dataset-converter-faster-whisper library.


Transcribing audio#

The following commands loads raw audio files (i.e., ones without a transcript) and applies the fw-transcribe filter to generate a transcript using faster-whisper, with the result then being stored in Festvox format:

adc-convert \
  -l INFO \
    from-data \
      -l INFO \
      -i "./raw/*.wav" \
      -t sp \
    fw-transcribe \
      -l INFO \
    to-festvox-sp \
      -l INFO \
      -o ./festvox


Generate SRT subtitles#

The adc-srt allows generating subtitles in SRT format from audio and video files.

The following example generates subtitle files for all .mp4 file, alongside the video files:

adc-srt \
  -l INFO \
  -i ./input/*.mp4

In this example, the .srt files generated from .wav files get placed in a separate output directory:

adc-srt \
  -l INFO \
  -i ./input/*.wav \
  -o ./output