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Requires the ldc-openai library.


Count tokens#

In order to determine how costly the OpenAI usage is, you can apply the openai-count-tokens filter to your data (in the example below, 1k tokens cost $0.002):

ldc-convert \
  -l INFO \
  from-alpaca \ 
    -l INFO \
    --input "./input/alpaca_data_cleaned.json" \
  openai-count-tokens \
    -l INFO \
    -m gpt-3.5-turbo \
    -t 0.002 \
    -p "You will be provided with a sentence in English, and your task is to translate it into Māori."

Will output something like this:

INFO:openai-count-tokens:# tokens (prompt): 22
INFO:openai-count-tokens:# tokens: 11512740
INFO:openai-count-tokens:total price (1k tokens = 0.002000): 23.025480